Leon Barsha Residence, 1938

Richard Neutra, Architect

Santa Monica Conservancy’s “Restoration Project Award” winner.

Originally saved from destruction by the Hollywood Freeway expansion with its relocation to Santa Monica Canyon in 1955 from North Hollywood, the Barsha Residence has been saved and restored to its original glory after 50 years of neglect. Bad additions were removed. The corrugated rain gutter system was sourced back to its manufacturer and re-made. Layers of paint were removed to expose the original color combination that Neutra used on this house, including his signature silver trim.

As this house was moved from its former site in 1955, the landscaping is not original, but reflecting pools, like those Neutra used on other houses, were incorporated to give the house that indoor/outdoor feel that the architect was famous for. All landscaping was done by Lander Design.

The cabinetry throughout the house, and the living room sofa and day bed are built-ins recreated to be historically correct. The carpeting was custom made in order to match the original color and style, as were the blinds and curtains.

In the master bath, the sink, toilet and all hardware was restored. New wall tiles, handcrafted to match the original color and texture, were used to replace damaged ones. The light above the mirror was built to match the exact specifications of the original, which had long since been lost.

What was once known as the eyesore to the canyon’s entrance is now the Santa Monica Conservancy’s “Restoration Project Award” winner of 2010 thanks to Lander Design.

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